Alexander Beech’s practice explores landscapes in paint with drawing as the fundamental basis. Using a range of techniques, an image builds that is painterly with fragments of translucent detail. His work is contemporary, yet alludes to the history of European and Australian painting. He immerses himself in the landscape to share the experience and discover a sense of place within it, reflecting on events past and present. He synthesises connections between the subject matter and refines what is laid down in paint. His process is just as important as the completed work.

Alexander holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (First Class) and a Master of Fine Art and Design (Painting) from the University of Tasmania. He has exhibited work in a number of states and as a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize (2017), the Hadley’s Art Prize (2019) and the Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize (2019), with the Macquarie Group Collection acquiring his work for their permanent collection. His recent projects investigate vulnerability and disquiet in the landscape.